5 min lamp DIY

5Minute Lamp DIYs


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I was pretty bored with the décor of my room. Since I had no plans today, so I thought of doing something with the lighting of my room. I made these beautiful lamps in just 10 minutes.these lamps are super pretty and easy to make.


Check out the article below to know how I made them——

  • Things you will need–

-Colored paper
-Ruler/set square
-Lights for lamp (I am using fairy lights for this)
-Cutting blade

  • “How to” steps:

-To make the paper lamp,Take the colored sheet… I used A4 sized sheet. I have used a blue colored sheet because I have pink fairy lights. So, the combination will come out pretty beautiful.
-Make any kind of shapes that you want all over your sheet.(I made random geometrical shapes on one and stars in others,you guys can make any shape you want,you can make almost anything you want.)
-Start cut the shapes you drawed carefully with the balde.(it is a request to all the children to do it under someone’s supervision)
-After cutting the shapes,you will get something like this.

-Now fold the sheet in such away that it makes a cylindrical shape.Secure it with a glue or tape

-Put the fairy lights inside the code and secured them with a tape.

-put the lamp into your table or you can hang it as well

since now you know,how to make these paper lamps.dont forget to try to them out.Tell me if you liked the article in the comment box below and if you tried it, I would love if you share the pics with me.

Happy Reading
Kirti 🙂

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