instant coffee recipe: a perfect Sunday start with a perfect coffee


hey guys…hope you had a great weekend!!!

Speaking about myself.i truly had a fun weekend and i think a day well started is a day that goes I was at my sister was kinda siblings weekend,i got up pretty early on Sunday and was not able to go to sleep again.i guess I have a bed change sickness(I dont know if it is even a word or not) it is like I find it difficult having a sleep if I’m not in my bed.

So after an hour of struggle with pillows and trying out different posses. finally hopped off the bed at 7 and since it was a Sunday, everyone else was in deep beauty sleep.

So I decided to make a coffee and make myself awake properly. Before making coffee I had a full glass of water which is the first thing I always do whenever I get in the morning. After that I managed to get all the things like coffee milk and stuff required just love this coffee, its more like a café mocha kind of thing. One of my friends shared the recipe with me long way back, when I used to live in my hostel. It really helped my stay awake during my late night studies

I have been loving this kind of  coffee lately.

So I’m gonna share the very simple coffee recipe that you can make instantly.

So the ingredients you’ll require(for 1 cup)

-A 1/- sachet of bru coffee(I use this because it gives the exact amount of coffee flavor that I want-1sachet/cup)

-a cup of milk

-1table spoon sugar

-few drops of water

-choclate syrup(it’s optional, you can totally skip this)

Total brew time-3-5minutes

Lets start

-to make the instant coffee, in a coffee mug empty the sachet of coffee,if you like a strong coffee you  can use 2 sachets instead.


-Add sugar as per your liking,I have used one table spoon of sugar.depending upon the coffee also,adjust the amout of sugar.

-now add one table spoon of water.

Now you are basically done,all you have to do is start whisking your coffee.if use a fork for this instead of spoon I personally think it makes this process a bit faster.

-keep whisking for 5minutes.your mixture colour will change and this is the sig that your coffee cream is ready.

-pour hot boiling milk into the mug and mix it so that the cream is all mixed.

Whoilaaaa…. Your coffee is ready.

-you can add your choclate syrup into the coffee or over the top or your coffee which definitely adds taste and make it look tempting as well.


Do try this instant coffee recipe out,and trust me you will thank me a million times.

Do let me know how yout coffee turned out and how u liked it.i would love to listen from you.

Happy Reading

Kirti 🙂





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