iPhone 6 review

iphone 6 review

IPhone 6 review

Hi there!!welcome to |the jazzed up journal|
My sister bought an iPhone 6 for herself two days back..
I’ll be sharing my personal opinions and reviews on the gadget.
Hope you find it helpful in some or the other way…
Model: – iPhone 6 32GB model
• First and the most important thing to note is that apple has launched 16GB,68GB and 128GB but not a 32GB model officially.
• The model was being offered by the third –party retailers.
• Color variant available-only grey color.
• The offer was introduced in the e-commerce website www.amazon.in for Rs28.999 instead of Rs30,700.


1. 4.7inch display with 750×1334 resolution
2. Operating system- iOS 10
3. Processor-A8
4. RAM- 1GB
5. Camera details- Rear camera (8-megapixel)
Front camera (1.2-megapixel)
6. Bluetooth 4.0
7. 3.5mm headphone jack
8. Battery details- 1810mAh

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The phone is the slimmest phone I have ever used or just got my hands on…I have no idea about the GIONEE model which claims to be the slimmest. It’s so slim and light that you cannot even it in your back pocket. Despite having the thin frame, it does not look flimsy at all.
The only thing which catches my attention in a negative way is the rear camera of the device which protrudes out of the film and might need to be protected.review


The Retina is definitely the best these days.it provides the best clear and crisp display quality.The screen work pretty good in bright sunlight also which makes it a good option to click outdoor pictures.


IPhone6 has A8 processor which makes it much faster than its predecessors. The app launching time and switching time is really low. Coming to the camera, it has a so quick transition that the camera will capture the photo and get it ready for the next shot in just a blink.
However, the device gets slightly heat up when you browe for long time especially while using the facebook app.


The iPhone camera has always been a class apart, but now you can do much more like adjusting the exposure light while shooting. The new slow-motion and time-lapse are easy to use and give professional quality video as the same time
This device will not let you regret if you ever forget your DSLR at home. Trust me on that.


It is a 32GB model and out of the box it gave my 28GB of space which is pretty good. For me 28GB is like sufficient space as I keep transferring my data to my laptop.


IPhone6 is definitely a mobile phone that ruled the market when it was newly launched as is still ruling but to be honest there are many option available in android at the same price range.
But apple fans do consider the options. Right!! do they?


Happy Reading 🙂


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