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How to make money online


There is nothing better than online jobs where you can work from your home, your working hours, your work timings and so mch more.

Online jobs are already so fascinating and great and that’s because this is something where you can be you5r own boss. And if this comes without any investment. What else you can wish for.


I wont be going on figures but I think if you have your niche decided and you are ready to put the needed efforts into this, you can definitely earn as good as to sustain a more than comfortable life.

Now in this post I will be sharing my knowledge on how you can earn through internet/online without investment.

So the list goes like….

#1 Google adsense

th jazzed up journal

This is one of the best platforms to earn online without any investment, this is the highest paying program for Indians.

As the mane itself suggests that it is something like generating revenue by displaying the ads.

You can read the complete guide on it as there are numbers of articles  available on internet.

Some decent alternatives are  bidvertiser,inflolinks etc.


#2 youtubing/making youtube videos 

th jazzed up journal

You already know,youtube is a sensation in this prove out to be another great platform  to earn money through internet form home.

According to research,youtube alone has more searches than bing,ask and yahoo combined. Yes..this is true!!

Youtubers get paid for the ads that are played in their videos. It’s the number of vies of ads that counts which is obviously same as the video views. more the views of ads.more the youtubers get paid.

you just need to have a channel in youtube.n trust me,its not arocet science,You just need to have a gmail account to sign and bammm you have a channel.\now it on you,how presentable you make it and what kid of content you produce to get audience.


#3 freelancing

th jazzed up journal

Now freelancing is taking projects form businesses and doing it for them  from home only.this is again a very great method to earn significantly though internet but need to have some good skills for this.because buniness generally prefer professional for doing their work.

Some of the freelancing website are…

  1. –amazon mechanical trunk
  2. – oDesk


#4 Blogging


Blogging is another best online work with which you can earn money without simply need to create blogs, post articles with some quality content..

One of the best way to earn from your blog is by putting ads of the ad-networks like Google AdSense, where you can get paid for each and every click on the ads in your blog.

I HAVE full guide on how to make your own blog,you can check that out here!!

#5 Affiliate jobs

th jazzed up journal

Affiliate marketing jobs are a good means to earning money through internet/online

Affiliate marketing is nothing but a way to promote the products of famous site like amazon,flipkart,eBay etc…and getting paid for it

Every site gives you a commission of 4% to 15% for each and every sell through your promotion.

And online jobs are becoming a trend now in India as the country is  becoming digital. So, this is the right time to start these kind of jobs so that you can earn through internet without investment.


There are many other options available to earn online. But these are bestoption for you to earn though internet without investment, according to my preference and this is totally my opinion.


I hope you find this articles helpful in some or the other way.


Happy Reading

Kirti 🙂



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