an open letter to my college friends

 Dedicated to my people (especially) and all others whom i have ever came across

“we thought we were having fun,we didn’t realize we were making memories”



ok…well we are at the verge of being graduate,obviously a little emotional,a little scared and almost ready to take on the world.the four years have been crazy and deep down ,none of us are ready for it end.You all have given me memories of lifetime(each one of you who has been a part of this beautiful journey),and through all the triumphs,i wouldn’t have wanted to share these four years with anyone else.

 You’ve all helped me turned a college into a home and for that, I want to thank you. I am so happy that I had such a wonderful team of people beside me as I conquered student life. We have lived so many important moments together and I will forever cherish the memories we made. No matter how large or small our friendship has been over the past four years, I want to say thank you.


 To my classmates,

thank you for everything. Thank you for loving me through every mistakes, for always giving the best advice, for never saying no when I suggest junk food,  for the dance parties, the endless laughs, notes, families, intelligence and love, but most importantly for being the second family. I love you guys.

We made our mark and built a family in a place that will never be the same once we leave. There will be new students, new bars, new buildings, and new professors. But our memories will never change; our spirit and the love we have for each other and this college will forever linger in our hearts. Graduation isn’t the end…it’s the beginning.

We will take on the real world fearfully and wonderfully with the same ambition we started university with. As we prepare for entering into a whole new world and think about what our future may hold, I want you all to know how proud I am of the people you are.

I know you will all go on to do great things and please never forget you will always have a friend in me (Disney quote, I had too).

I mean, let’s be real, if we can make it through the semester exams, we can make it through anything! 


PS- Don’t kill me for these pics,we may look ugly here…but guess what!! who cares??..this pics are all i could manage :*


happy reading

kirti 🙂

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  1. Woww…you had completely summed up our graduation life in very simple words..
    Simply amazing..
    Well done …

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